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"Pip looks for happiness..."

When Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman requested a one hundred dollar donation to assist them to purchase a replacement DAT, I didn't have to think long before clicking through to PayPal.

The creators of some of the most sublime sound around it would be hard to imagine A and A without a DAT. Their sound is built on the sturdy foundations of the everyday and their field recordings are the backbone of their fragile visions. A and A without a DAT is like an elephant without a trumpet, or worse, a giraffe with a short neck.

'The Tale of Pip' picks up where their previous works leave off. Taking the thread of a simple story and weaving a rich audio tapestry with it, they concoct a delicious blend of melody, narrative and static.

Beautifully packaged in a handbound book, this is the archetypal Lucky Kitchen release, existing somewhere between the realms of fine art (artist's book) and childlike innocence (children's book). I think A and A would rather it be placed in the latter category, though there's no doubt that this is so much better than endless offerings in the former.

Buy it for your children. Buy it for yourself. Better still, buy it to listen to with your children. It's shimmering harmonica melodies and glistening electronics will reward you with hours and hours of listening pleasure. Words cannot truly do it justice. Buy it and listen.


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