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Thilges | 3

The third in a Series of ten 3" CDs, 'Saumarkt' arrived form Berlin's Musique Korrekt packaged within an intricate series of layers which, from the outset, presented a mystery. Just who is Thilges 3? Or perhaps, more accurately, what is Thilges 3?

This much is evident…

A padded envelope marked with a sticker bearing the URL contains the following: a (semi-) official-looking 'Bank Austria' credit/debit form overprinted with pricing for the Series; an A6 photocopied sheet with instructions on subscribing to the Series; and, finally, a 3" CD strikingly packaged and printed in Cyan, Magenta and Black, bearing the cryptic ref. no. 'isrc at-h66-99-th303'.

According to the audio that lies at the heart of the package, Thilges 3 create rhythmic, glitch and hiss-laden compositions not dissimilar to Pole's mesmeric grooves. Over the course of one event-filled track, the trio unravel a variety of sonic inflections underpinned throughout by the ever-present metronomic foundation of a single static-soaked dub. At 20 minutes and 58 seconds, just as the tempo and pace are beginning to escalate, the track…


…as if in mid-recording. Whether this interruption is by intention or mere accident is, for once, irrelevant as the mystery of Thilges 3 once again descends upon the ensuing silence. Is this package some elaborate marketing ploy, designed to ensnare the unsuspecting listener into subscribing? Whatever, I hope further installments find their way to me via Musique Korrekt as I, for one, am truly hooked.


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