Rafael Toral / Joseph Suchy | Lullabies / Tau/Pi

Meeuw Muzak / Tonschacht | 7

Departing from his typical drone and drift Toral presents a trio of delightfully poignant, perfectly imperfect, pieces. 'Little stars' twinkles with tiny-bell-chimes and ringing guitar harmonics. 'Body mix pt 12' splashes 6-string tone-colour left and right and finishes on a charming locked groove. Not cloying at all and true to life. On white vinyl.

Behold the reverse. Joseph Suchy's layered guitar eruptions uncoil the infinite hues of blackness. 'Tau' and 'Pi' are all the Metal guitar you ever heard super-condensed into two 6 minute synopses; a landslip on the point of happening. Urgent and visceral they engage ear-drum and rib-cage. On black vinyl only, appropriately heavy.


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