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The tenth in a series of reworkings of Kapotte Muziek material (others featured include Radboud Mens, Illusion Of Safety and Leif Elggren). 'A Microsound Fairytale' sees Mathieu's iBook in the dying moments of a post-edit crash spontaneously spilling audio onto hard disk of which this release is an edit.

Mathieu states: "My work since 2001 is based on a certain trust in my software, and not too much control by the composer."

His statement in full is entrusted to BabelFish:

I wish the philosophy of the computer which an apparatus which works for you, is. My principal use is like organizations - alive creatures. That you were trained by the friends with them, on them to manufacture immediately and with you a crew can be.

It is that my work in the upper surface is based since 2001: a certain confidence in my software and to take a step much determination of the pieces to the apparatus of the installation of Fotographie. If my edition for expenditure exceeded Dutchwomen apart from Kapotte Muziek, this concept. I spent a manufacture for eight month a raw material and results of some Gigabytes in the usual one. When him time for me which it would have is a finished piece, I turned maintaining to the lower part for him in ProTools plus my file, (of Mac OS 9) work out. I still charged supplements it and adjusted, with Justagen belong then and in OS X, to work in SoundHack. A small number my apparatus, strongly - so strongly that much that that I could form, should it eliminate, wiederzubeginnen around, the stopped batteries. When I charged finally again in OS X, it did not form anything however which was excluded, you, of this music for 30 minutes, the mixture finishes, to play my Kapotte Muziek of the material by the computer itself.

Kapotte Muziek, ironically enough, translated like 'the damaged music'. The concert of the phase that I mixed again, took place in 1996 in Berlin a relation which was called 'external in the Kid' - that which it morning 'in the bucket' - an explanation in a merry way 'ordered/damaged'.

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