Accelera Deck | Ipsissima Vox

Scarcelight | CD

Opening with 'Parallel' a robust exercise in collapsing electronica underpinning a persistent guitar refrain, 'Ipsissima Vox' signals its intentions clearly.

His first release in two years, Chris Jeely "edits, compiles, re-edits and assembles" ten years of recordings to create a collage of fractured melodies. A sonic tapestry that weaves precise guitar fragments and discrete refrains within a blanket of razor-sharp splinters and electronic noise, 'Ipsissima Vox' probes and develops Jeely's passion for 'damaged audio'.

Throughout a series of gestures - the equivalent of an audio sketchbook - Jeely consistently delivers innovations. 'J-Stereo' a painstakingly built series of microrhythms which, .microsound tendencies notwithstanding, recall the sublime moments of Photek's precision electronics. 'Fireflies' an opaque guitar refrain masking a multi-layered pinpoint patina.

Occasionally the storm of electronics subsides to reveal calmer moments and welcome lulls: 'Gloss' - a three minute oasis of calm; and 'Landslide Blues' - a series of teased apart slide guitar phrases that close this release perfectly, mirroring its robust beginnings.


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