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Laboratory Instinct | CD

Laboratory Instinct present "the one and only" Atomâ„¢.

Few can claim with any degree of legitimacy the title "one and only", but surely there's no better way to summarise Uwe Schmidt? Is there anyone like him? It's doubtful. His prolific perfection is the envy of many and here he's allowed and encouraged to run free for 25 action-packed minutes.

In a timely nod to iCulture Schmidt presents an iMix, wrestling the term back briefly from the legal stranglehold of Apple Computer's unrelenting trademark lawyers. The resulting blend careers between the much-loved latin schmaltz of Señor Coconut to the clinical digital funk of Geeez'n'Gosh, all avenues Schmidt's admirers love, and there's no shortage of Schmidt's knowing pop references along the way.

Opening in exaggerated binary style, Schmidt soon gives way unsurprisingly to an alter ego. 'Hallo, wie geht es dir?' reprises Tito Puente's 'Oye Como Va' in a manner instantly familiar to anyone who's ever heard his numerous outings as the extrovert Senor Coconut. Dripping with faux Latin flourishes, filtered through the narrow pass distortion of software synthesis, this is Schmidt at his gregarious best. By 'iLove (Easy Love)' we're in iAcid territory and happily flowing with Schmidt in Geeez'n'Gosh/Lassigue Bendthaus territory.

Schmidt signals a close with the rasping and relentless tones of 'Party Shuffle' (another Apple-branded title...) before he gives way to the relentless collapse of 'Sorry I'm not the DJ, baby!', conveniently absolving himself of any and all responsibility.

'iMix' is unadulterated enjoyment throughout, the only real criticism Schmidt's admirers may have is that there isn't more, but then that's hardly a criticism when we're all enjoying ourelves so much.

iExcellent as ever.


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