Pimmon vs. Giardini di Miro | Giardini di Miro vs. Pimmon

2.nd rec/Fiction Friction | 10

Note: The above 10" was forwarded - with press releases - to Fällt designers Fehler. In the absence of a turntable they fed existing press releases and reviews through a variety of TIME-OUT online translation services. The results are as follows:

For this release the Italian TIME-OUT post office skirt bind Giardini di Miro meets Australian post office techno sound artist Pimmon on a split 10". TIME-OUT Initially planned as a 7" with a GdM song on one side and a remix by Pimmon on the flip, the project evolves from a liberation, parted from a conventional split release to a more collaborative character, since the artists TIME-OUT start to exchange audio material throughout the creative process.


Date: 12.2000 TIME-OUT Format: 5 TRACK

On 'gdm02.juicefuls' GdM arrange some awkward drumcomputerloops TIME-OUT and guitarsamples with sound material provided by Pimmon, while on 'post (office) dm' TIME-OUT Pimmon bends and blurs guitar feedback by GdM beyond recognition...

REVIEWS: Determine be all specification false, the I here make, all very much obscure, look up simple after a 10" in transparent vinyl and light blue label, then light blue and wonderful how / as the first TRACK of Giardini, then an Indieballade with schlagzeug and trumpet how / as they Mouse on Mars also always when Opener or how / as now next month when conclusion on their disk have. TIME-OUT Not in vain be called the TRACK 'Penguin Serenade'.

Then super gehts equal far. The guitar still dream, TIME-OUT now in Duett with the Drumbox. Mad Indieschluff. Pimmon then (how many Pimmons give it actually?), somehow elekronischer, look up a way by its studio and leave old tape to orientation. It blinzelt friendly harmonious, then slow but safe always unclear, distort, until finally all only backwards run seem.


Very much confuse from de-bug magazine, Germany.

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