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Comprising ten tracks amounting to almost twenty minutes, 'Early Works' is a brief glimpse into Mego co-founder Pita's past (the works on this CD were created between 1982 and 1984). It's difficult to surpass track two which, in its entirety below, is the pefect metaphor for this release:

"He has pulled a hand grenade pin and he is ready to blow up the aircraft if he has to. We must - I repeat - we must land at Beirut. We must land at Beirut. No alternative."

"It's up to you to go on. It's up to you to go on. I can't give you permission, because my responsibilities don't give me permission for you to land. The airport is closed."

"Be advised we have no choice. We must land."

"OK sir, land, land quietly. Land quietly. It's up to you sir, as you know the airport is not in my hands."


"They are beating the passengers! They are beating the passengers! They are threatening to kill them now! They are threatening to killthem now! We want the fuel now! Immediately! Immediately!"

"Please sir! Please! We are doing our best!"

Familiarly abrasive electronics from one of electronica's finest.


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