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'Dance Classics' is apparently the fifth release by the mysterious Ilios... Seventeen tracks sh u dd e r tentat iv ely i n t o exist e n c e layering sparse yet uranium-heavy beats over simple melodies which pulsate like distorted electro-magnetic fields.

Opening with the aptly titled 'Freight 2' which collapses 94 seconds of audio in on itself to create a densely folded mix that refuses to let go, it follows with the worryingly-titled 'Killhilary', 90 seconds of heavy machinery growling in the distance as if heard through a set of dysfunctional earmuffs before stuttering into the fantastically organised chaos of 'Jertew 55'.

A pause of sorts occurs with 'Kiho' - five minutes of seemingly out-of-place restrained melody - before the twin axis of 'Ktuir' raw and distilled (original and Thurston Moore remix) suggest a wealth of future possibilities. Raw, pauses, versions, splices, cuts and edits, versions.


Until all that is left is a low rumbling hiss which is the perfect point for Thurston Moore's distilled version. Allowed the luxury of time, Moore splices the original with a half-forgotten fairground melody CUT dance hall tunes for pensioners CUT radio fragments CUT... DISCO. D I S C O. D I S C O. CUT. CUT. CUT. CUT.



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