Artifact Shore | Artifact Shore

Interference Shift | EP CD

An early instrumental EP on Interference Shift, 'Artifact Shore' offers a glimpse into the earlier stages of Artifact Shore's development on a label which has carved out a deserved niche delivering multi-edition, multi-media works of real beauty. Interference Shift state that they "hope to create lasting popular culture artifacts" and with this and other releases they make good on their promises.

Four hypnotic tracks couple motorik rhythms with surface tapestries that shimmer and sheen, sparkling and atmospheric. 'Version 1' opens with elastic rhythms grafted onto energetic and metronomic undercurrents, its persistent and weighty undertow recalling Mogwai's relentless rhythms.

'Regional Winter', the closing track, opens with foreboding rhythms, firm and insistent before unravelling a delicate surface guitar melody edged with careful electronics. A tightly wrapped package.

Packaged beautifully with minimal, blind debossed artwork by Interference - whose elegant limited edition bookworks are equally compelling - 'Artifact Shore' is a rare combination: audio/visual gestalt.


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