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"At last, some time before I stopped, the sun, red and very large, halted motionless upon the horizon, a vast dome glowing with a dull heat, and now and then suffering a momentary extinction."

HG Wells, 1925

Fitting for Tresor's 200th release that it should revisit the nine slabs of heavy 12" vinyl and solitary sparkling CD that comprise Basic Channel's iconic back-catalogue.

A molten slice of history that holds a mesmeric fascination for most who encountered it, Basic Channel exists like a crossover point for a moment etched in post house history. An indelible series that grew - phoenix like - from the glowing embers of house music's remains.

Maurizio, Moritz von Oswald, M, Mark Ernestus, Vainqueur, Substance, Carl Craig, Underground Resistance, Mad Mike, Jeff Mills and Robert Hood; Berlin, Detroit. An interlocking, self-referential list that reads like a Who's Who of house (Version 2.0).

To rework this material might seem like sacrilege, but that it's done by two of the original protagonists - Scion = Vainqueur + Substance - seems fitting. Built using Ableton's excellent Live software, the results are vast oceans of openness, the distant static of 12" vinyl engulfing familiar Basic Channel beats like a warm, pulsating envelope. Perfect memories, warmly remembered.



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