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Offset Print/HTML/Sculpture | F.0022.0001 - .0003

'Absolute Failure' was commissioned by the Sculpture Society of Ireland in conjunction with Absolut Vodka in 2000.

With an open brief to create a 'sculptural' work which explored the Absolut Vodka brand Fällt designers Fehler chose to create an infinite remix of the entire series of Absolut Vodka's iconic advertisements.

In keeping with Fällt's ongoing exploration into the interface between off and online works, Fehler created a series of works which included a physical sculpture, a screen-based (virtual) sculpture and a signed and numbered limited edition print.

Throughout the opening night at Dublin's POD a paper-shredder-based 'sculpture' was used to shred Absolut Vodka advertisements to create an interactive random-sculpture. Users fed pristine copies of Absolut's iconic advertisements into the ever-ready shredder that harshly ripped the ads into strips that spilled from the scuplture's base onto the floor. As the evening progressed - and vodka consumption increased - the POD was filled-to-overflowing with fragments, an ever-shifting consumerist collage.

An online installation featuring a series of 1,000 fragments culled from Absolut's iconic advertising was also created. The piece loops - seemingly endlessly - in and out of phase. Like a radioactive isotope decaying at an immeasurably slow rate, the screen-based piece loops only once every fourteen years.

Finally, Fehler created a limited edition offset lithograph of 500 signed and numbered prints (594 x 420 mm), editioned to commemorate the piece.

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