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Briefcases, Lightboxes, 35 mm Slides, Handheld Slide Viewers | F.0023.0000

Sailing close to the winds of chaos, the controlled anarchy of qubo gas' work for Skipp and DAT Politics is the perfect visual analogue to the harsh cut up rhythms and melodies they illustrate.

Far from random - as they might appear at surface level - these digital collages are the results of a painstaking process of layering in Photoshop. Massively layered files bear witness to the effort that goes on behind the scenes in a qubo gas cover. Their recent poster for 'Love my Computer' - a qubo gas curated exhibition of music graphics - for example uses no fewer than 20 layers (or components) to create a digital montage that, in its seamlessness is both exciting and un-nerving.

Recent explorations in QuickTime format take the qubo gas collage aesthetic to strange new heights. Surreal landscapes unfold to a relentless soundtrack as disembowelled horses and hamsters find themselves collapsing into multi-coloured pixel fields. Rejecting MTV big-budget slickness in favour of DTP low-budget punchiness the results are, without question, some of the most exciting video works to have been produced for quite some time.

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