Pfadfinderei | 35 mm » Design in Miniature

Briefcases, Lightboxes, 35 mm Slides, Handheld Slide Viewers | F.0023.0000

Extruded angular forms and shards of colour - similar in tone and palette to the work of shatterproof architect Zaha Hadid - come together in the digital animations of Mitte, Berlin based collective Pfadfinderei.

Echoes of the Designers' Republic's architectural motifs for Autechre sit alongside abstract shapes and forms in strange landscapes which are never allowed to sit still. 100% vector-based - 98% Flash - in their own words: " with flash.animations / via laptop in collaboration / with real.pic.movies…"

Pfadfinderei's designer Critzla has contributed several typeface designs to influential foundry FontFont and the collective have published a book with Berlin publishers Die Gestalten Verlag.

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