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Briefcases, Lightboxes, 35 mm Slides, Handheld Slide Viewers | F.0023.0000

Fehler [f. German Fehler m. (a) (Irrtum) mistake, error; (b) (Mangel) fault, defect.] Fällt design. faceless organisation, are responsible for 90% of Fällt's design including http://www.fallt.com/between chaos and control lies the work of Fehler* spin-off++re-use design elements wherever possible. maximum impact; minimum effort./¥¥EAR.k¡ç]Ö.... //.//.////.//.//.////.//.//.////.//.//.////
//// //.//.//// è"Ksî.¥¥//.////.////.//.////.////.//.////.//// visual overload and data-saturation ¥-!
/(?)/q.tones shift and pulse sculpt pixels into...ØØØØ.¥¥[pure sine waves]¥¥.ØØ"/...teeming with fragments - lines of code and infinitely recurring pixels ..¥¥ing masses of audio meet stray pixels pummel the listen||err.viewer"¥¥¥¥-----¥thank you Ed @ Dense/ÅÎÉÀ ÁÌØÂÏsi||ne-wavesÍÏ¥.: "ÔÏ...33k - Cached.Z!^bin.>....@"Similar pages.>åß??©??s?^|| --X-||----<><>-- more... Their work for Australian artist Ted Sulkowicz' digital Double A Side on Fällt sub-label Fodder is a pixel-level reconstruction of the desert palmscape of The Eagles' 70s classic 'Hotel California'… CONT.

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