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Briefcases, Lightboxes, 35 mm Slides, Handheld Slide Viewers | F.0023.0000

In addition to running New York's influential 12k label - a pioneer of the burgeoning '.microsound' genre - and recording for a variety of prestigious labels including Ritornell, Raster/Noton and Audio.NL, Deupree is responsible for the majority of 12k's distinctive design output.

Characterised by a marriage of clean modernist layouts and unusual usage of packaging materials, Deupree's designs have been featured in a number of publications including Intro's recent Sampler 2 in addition to a number of Japanese publications.

Recently Deupree has begun to integrate digital photography into his minimal designs, the resultant covers are understated and elegant - the perfect foil to the often minimal music that they house.

Deupree, along with Richard Chartier, has collaborated with Fällt on a number of design-related projects including 2002's 'Vs.' project commissioned for Mutek 2002.

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