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Briefcases, Lightboxes, 35 mm Slides, Handheld Slide Viewers | F.0023.0000

Richard Chartier's ultra-minimal version of modernism occupies a position of pure (some might say almost Puritanical) dedication. Not unlike the work of Swiss pioneers Max Bill or his often-neglected contemporary Richard Paul Lohse, Chartier's solutions tend towards a clarity of means and a solitary sense of purpose which is often breathtaking in its simplicity.

His recent cover for 'Series', 12k sub-label LINE's inaugural release, goes beyond mere formalist typography, reducing each track to its essence - a line whose relationship to the whole is an exact mirror of the track's length. It is this level of subtlety and intelligence that always underscores Chartier's graphic works.

His cover for Intransitive recording's compilation 'variious' disrupts a field of clean, minimal lines with digital fragments and stray pixels, put simply: a modernist's nightmare.

Chartier, along with Taylor Deupree has collaborated with Fällt on a number of design-related projects including 2002's 'Vs.' project commissioned for Mutek 2002.

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