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Belfast based designer Glenn Leyburn is perhaps best known for his design for musician, DJ and 'Oceans 11' soundtrack composer David Holmes.

Currently developing a career in film as a director, his first film is 'The 18th Electricity Plan'. Leyburn is one third of production company Canderblinks in partnership with David Holmes and Lisa Barros D'Sa.

'The 18th Electricity Plan' draws "from the same well of dystopian visions as Orwell's '1984' and Godard's 'Alphaville' ... depicting a near-future reality of suffocating societal restrictions and disassociated human emotions.

"A lonely man struggles to generate warmth and light in his soul as the shadowy tendrils of the sinister Ministry coil around the goldfish-bowl world in which he exists. Dealing with the vagaries of life, love and death, 'The 18th Electricity Plan' is a surreal short film produced by Brendan J. Byrne and David Holmes

Leyburn collaborated with Fällt as part the Fehler curated 'Apocrypha' which exhibited in Naples as part of electronic arts festival Sintesi.

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