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apocryphal adj. 1 of doubtful authenticity. 2 invented, mythical (an apocryphal story). 3 of or belonging to the Apocrypha.

Fällt designers Fehler have curated a number of exhibits related to design for the music industry - notably '35 mm | Design in Miniature' and 'Vs' - which have featured in prominent international design magazines including Eye, Creative Review and Res, and which have exhibited worldwide.

'Apocrypha' offers a glimpse into the digital sketchbooks of designers working within the music industry and includes work by Julian House [Stereolab, Primal Scream], Tonne [Klitekture], Glenn Leyburn [David Holmes], Taylor Deupree [12k], Richard Chartier [LINE], Joe Gilmore [%rand] and Fehler [Fällt, 1,024].

A by-product of the design process is the creation of alternate designs that never make it into print. For whatever reason digital gems end up on the 'cutting room floor' and never see the light of day. 'Apocrypha' collects designer off-cuts and rejects, never-quite-made-it, but-still-favoured-pieces.

The pieces that weren't printed, but you always wished they had been.

Brief [Project In Progress]

We're specifically asking for 120 mm CD on-body designs for past projects or, alternatively, designs for fictional pieces that never quite made it into the world of designed reality.

We'll collect, annotate and present these as a series of digital projections in addition to featuring the works online at the Fällt website. Each designer/collective featured will have two entries (50 artists, 100 works) although we ask that you submit four entries from which we can select.

We will rasterise all artwork to finished sizes in Photoshop using a standard CD on body specification (templates are provided on the right). This will ensure continuity across a breadth of stylistic approaches.

The information we need to know for captioning each piece is as follows:

Artist | Title [Supplementary Title]
Label | Year

For example:

Christophe Behrens | RISC [Version 2.1, Rejected]
Fällt | 2001

Thanks for your support in this project, if you have queries please contact us for clarification.

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