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Julian House is perhaps best known for his sleeve designs for Primal Scream, Stereolab and Broadcast. A member of influential design firm Intro, House has carved out a niche for himself with his idiosnyratic graphic style.

House was "enlisted at Intro after impressing them with a portfolio of college work and freelance designs for the group Broadcast" (BBC Collective). Working primarily on 'music industry projects and art gallery identities', House's sleeves fuse retro images with rough computer edits.

A co-editor and designer of the 'Sampler' series of books on contemporary music graphics, he has art directed a number of videos for Doves and Radiohead.

House has collaborated with Fällt on a number of occasions, contributing audio to the recent 'Format' project and contributing to the Fehler curated 'Apocrypha' project which exhibited in Naples as part of electronic arts festival Sintesi.

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