Sluta Leta | Semi Peterson

Mego | CD

A pedigree post-pop outfit with past vinyl releases on Cheap, Chocolate Industries, Sabotage and, of course, Mego; Sluta Leta now feature the perfect post-rock'n'roll line-up, comprising: Ramon Bauer, Andi Pieper and Gerhard Potuznik with assorted guest musicians.

A perfectly formed pop trio? No questions!

'Semi Peterson' - their first full length release following several years' silence - is apparently named in honour of Grand Prix's Ronnie Peterson, the appropriately named "king of drift". Forty-plus minutes of elegantly sustained skewed pop, it unwinds slowly amidst reduced textural fluctuations. Not an abrupt gear change in sight.

From the stuttering opening of 'Skoldpadda', thirty seconds of James Bond inflected trickery, 'Semi Peterson' unravels in gloriously laid back manner. Relaxed grooves shimmer and drift, navigating musical hairpins with gentle and graceful ease.

High points, of which are there many, include the rhythmic effervescences of 'Trog Men Fasta' and the effervescent rhythms of 'Whispers Special'. The closing 'Forjaga' - featuring guest vocals by Catriona Shaw - gives today's 'pop idols' a true run for their money...

Perfect? Chequered flag!


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