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Active Suspension | CD

Having already released a few gems on France's excellent Active Suspension label over the past few years, Olivier Lamm has slowly been making a name for himself, and rightly so. A computer musician who loves to deconstruct everything from obscure Japanese pop music to classical symphonies, you know you're just asking for trouble by having the likes of Steve Roden, Hypo, Alejandra and Aeron, Team Doyobi, and Blevin Blectum remix work like this.

Coming to the studio with a palette of sound that will keep you guessing at every turn, this remix CD can be compared to a couple of hyperactive children let loose in the world's biggest music library with a couple of samplers. Everything and the kitchen sink flies by, allowing just enough time to recognize it before another sound takes its place.

Among the more interesting tracks: Noak Katoi's version of 'No medley, no fadeout' which sounds like a running collage of a film projector and microphone noise; Ms. Blectum's remix of 'bLammo, OverloDenied' which merges pretty glitched out chords with warped tape loops; and Erich Zahn's remix of 'mnLi' that really pulls out all the stops with a fantastic mix of car alarms, hip-hop, CR-78 breakbeats and clarinet (!).

Chalk up yet another excellent and interesting release from one of the most dynamic and consistently impressive labels coming out of France today. If you're the kind of person that loves a little cut-and-paste pyrotechnics in your laptop tomfoolery, then this is something you should most certainly get your ears around.

De-constructed pop music never sounded this much fun.


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