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The very word alone strikes fear into my tender eardrums. Head on the heels of the excellent 'Hey babe, let me see your USB...' comes 'Hello Dirty', 43.6 MB of massacred digital funk.

Brimming with his trademark sense of humour, barely rescognisable rhythmic fragments battle it out amidst brittle asteroid fields of static and the harshest of electronic textures. Rhythmic, percussive, exciting - 'Hello Dirty' is like surfing in a sea of scalpel blades: one false move and you know you'll be lacerated beyond belief.

Opening quietly (still high volume given Massimo's standards) 'Hello Dirty' builds to a noisy climax. By Track 4 Massimo's mining a relentless digital groove that mesmerises for three captivating minutes. The groove coninues into Track 6 - exquisite splinters of funk straining against a straightjacket of static, pausing momentarily before bursting into the headlong 200+ BPM of Track 7, 3.9 MB of aggressive techno a percussive tour-de-force built from the off-cuts of broken digital processes.

Firmly in the Mego fold, Massimo is nonetheless carving his very own path through the digital landscape: aggressive, sharp, cascading sounds that within their noisy confines lurk the most seductive coruscating melodies (Cf. Pita | Get Out, Track 5).


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