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crw-rw-rw- 1 root 3, 2 Feb 19 19:54 /dev/null

The special device called null; endless source of end-of-file markers and bottomless sink for discarded data and unwanted program output. Ever silent on the outside (reads always yield 0 bytes) I can only imagine that as chunks of data and wasted bits skitter and tumble on the inside it must sound akin to 'SaskieWoxi'; wherein Oswald Berthold (farmersmanual, Mego/Or/Tray) and Florian Hecker (Mego/Or) serve up 44 tracks of unashamedly raw computer data/audio (de|ar)ranged, no doubt according to some hidden logic, for our bemusement and amusement.

They've doubled up the fun and confused the trail by including a fragment from their own hard-drives; html, links, directories full of ASCII and bitmap art, wav audio and C and perl source files which are as much art as the ASCII they generate. The (CD) audio is jagged and distinctly metallic (in the sense of iron filings) but with evident attention to pacing and duration there are also moments of calm, spacious interludes and surprising twists.

In all: avoids stderr and stdout from the crowd. Recommended.


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