Fehler | dt 3.1415926535897952384

Offset Print [34,500 Copies] | F.0017.0001 / D-Fuse 31

Fehler | dt 3.1415926535897952384 An early release in D-Fuse's influential 'Gallery Series' (#31) that ran in The Wire for 120 issues 'dt 3.1415926535897952384' reprised artwork from Pimmon's 'Assembler' release. This work was instrumental in altering Fällt's advertising strategy towards exploring spaces within varied publications for use as experimental spaces for designers and artists to explore.

D-Fuse state: "For the past five years D-Fuse has donated a one page full colour advertisement in the music magazine The Wire to artists, musicians and like-minded people to explore the traditional print medium of the magazine advertisement.

"Normally a highly commercial commodity, the page is a free art space where no constraints or pre-conditions are placed on the artist as regards the nature of the material or the creative process employed by the artists.

"Contributors have provided an eclectic mix of styles and ideas to exhibit a collection of highly original and thought-provoking graphic design and art."

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