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si-cut.db | Offices at Night [Volume I - Originals] si-cut.db (Douglas Benford) has released works on BiP-HOp and the Sprawl Imprint. His past collaborators have included Scanner, and Ben Edwards (under the guise Tennis), and his many curated projects include 'Chinese Whispers' and 'Hmm'. He also featured on Warp Records' WarpMart sampler.

Following his split release with Stephan Mathieu on Fällt/BiP-HOp in 2003, we’re pleased to announce the release of 'Offices at Night', our first solo CD by si-cut.db.

Benford states: "Much of this material comes from a transitional period for me, a watershed, where my compositional approach had changed radically leading up to its completion in early 2001. This music is now full of memories and many personal moments."

'Offices at Night' in common with Pimmon's 'Assembler' (2000) will feature web-only audio components commissioned to accompany the audio released on CD.

The final work will feature three volumes. Volume I will consist of the original tracks by si-cut.db on CD. Volumes II and III will feature freely available 'versions' of the original tracks in MP3 format re-worked by various artists (Volume II) and by si-cut.db (Volume III).

Confirmed Volume II artists include: Stephan Mathieu (Ritornell, Orthlorng Musork, Fällt), Tu m' (Aesova, Fällt), Mapstation (To Rococo Rot/Kreidler), Motion (12k, Fat Cat), Sebastien Roux (12k, Apestaartje) and Mitchell Akiyama (Raster-Noton, Substractif).

Physical packaging for the Volume II and III MP3s will take the form of two-colour silkscreened CDRs accompanied by two colour printed inserts supplied in clear jewel cases made available as a means of archiving the audio.

The audio for the accompanying two volumes of the 'Offices at Night' release will be freely available; a small charge will be made for the hard copy packaging to cover costs.

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