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When JavaScript was first proposed as a standard by Netscape in 1996, Fällt designers Fehler embraced its possibilities to create dynamic (and often unpredictable) web-based 'Objects'. These experiments typically pushed JavaScript to the limits, rendering onscreen objects at the edges of usability.

With a common 640 x 180 px window size, Fehler explored a variety of newly emerging and, in many cases, unsupported JavaScript fragments, teasing at their edges and recombining them to create unstable elements that would often crash the user's browser within minutes of opening. The result was 24 objects that exist somewhere between the spaces of information, art and design.

Anti-design perhaps.

Many of the experiments explored in 'Objects' have subsequently been incorporated into future projects, in particular several of the 'invalidObject Series' covers (notably Alex McLean's Transmediale award-winning 'Forkbomb' artwork.)

With developments in web-based technologies in general and JavaScript in particular, many of these objects are no longer supported. Fehler are currently working on visuals to represent these objects.


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