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Ted Sulkowicz | Kid_Newtown/Kolc In late 2000 the URL for a series of MP3s was forwarded to us via an anonymous remailer by an artist working under the name Ted Sulkowicz. We could find no reference to Sulkowicz or his 'Hotel California'-sampled 'Kid_Newtown' anywhere. Who is the mysterious Mr Sulkowicz? Rumours abound, including one: that it is none other than Australian prankster Pimmon.

Whoever, whatever; responses to the first Fodder release have been overwhelmingly positive. An incessant-breakbeat-meets-stadium-rock Double A-Side, Kid_Newtown/Kolc is a chaotic beat-soaked mixture.

Kid_Newtown' is a beat-driven frenzy which hovers around a sample reminiscent of The Eagles' classic 'New Kid in Town' (from their 1976 multi-million selling album 'Hotel California'). 'Kolc' marries an addictive rhythm with abrasive and edgy static-flows which refuse to settle.

Further information on Ted Sulkowicz is available via Epitonic.

Fodder releases are 'packaged' using MP3 and PDF technologies for pure digital distribution. Consisting of virtual 'A' and 'B' sides created to fit within a download-friendly format, each release on Fodder features specially commissioned artwork housed within a standardised format supplied in Adobe's popular PDF format. Embracing a 'distribute then print' concept, each release is designed to be easily assembled once downloaded.

The Series design by Fällt designers Fehler has featured in 'Sampler 3' by design critic Adrian Shaughnessy and 'CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design'.

Fodder releases are 'packaged' using MP3 and PDF technologies for pure digital distribution. The software to play and view these files is freely available online.

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