Christophe Behrens | Color Look Up Table [CLUT]

Fuji Proofs | F.0007.0001 - .0008

Color Look Up Table [CLUT]: A data structure that maps color indexes … into actual color values. Color lookup tables are internal to certain types of graphics devices. 1

Following on from his work with JPEG and MPEG compression algorithms in the influential 'Compression Series', Fällt contributing editor Christophe Behrens began a series of minimal works inspired by the compressed, limited palettes generated as a by-product of early internet-based delivery methods.

Taking as his cue the minimal, reduced colour palettes automatically rendered by software applications - in particular Photoshsop - Behrens created a series of works under the title 'CLUT' that distill imagery into minimal, iconic essences.

Behrens states:

"These works reference key aspects of high Minimalism - including the works of Donald Judd, Anne Truitt and Dan Flavin - and often pay homage to specific artists and works. However, I have worked hard to remove my involvement in the works to as full an extent as possible following a process-driven approach.

"My role has merely been to reference existing imagery (often, ironically, Pop Art works, particulaly those of Andy Warhol) and use these images as the point from which the application - in this case Photoshop - departs.

"Ultimately the software makes the decisions.

"I merely reproduce the resulting CLUT as an end point. Even this decision is pared down. I chose not to paint the resulting CLUTs - this would only introduce further colours back into an already constrained palette - instead I preferred to rely on contemporary industrial, print-related processes: notably Cromalin prints and Fuji proofs."

The result is a series of works that betray very little of the hand of the maker. Programmed. Systematic. Minimal.

A new digital edition of 'CLUT' is coming soon.

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