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A contributor since Fällt's inception, Yakuza is a member of Japan's influential 'otaku' movement (after which she takes her name).

An obsessive collector of all things minutiae her first Fällt release was the popular 'Emblem' - Fällt's inaugural release F.0001.0001 - a series of pin-badges which sold out within a week of their first exhibiting in London.

In addition to her Fällt releases, Yakuza has contributed works to numerous other labels, notably Bremsstrahlung Recordings and Aubergine. Her composition 'The Space of A Second' for 'Lowercase Sound Volume II' (Bremsstrahlung Recordings) combined "1,000 one millisecond audio fragments sampled from a thousand existing recordings" to create a one second audio "composition about composition", a work that was reviewed extensively, notably in WIRED.

A member of design collective Fehler since its inception, Yakuza was instrumental in the early shaping of Fällt.

Yakuza has released a number of works on Fällt including 'Emblem' (released in two editions), and 'ASCII' featuring audio composed using only SimpleText (a work released and withdrawn on the same day due to legal issues). 'The Space of a Second' (Lowercase Sound II) featured 1,000 one millisecond fragments painstakingly pieced together to create a one second opus which WIRED described as "so subtle you can hardly hear it".

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