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Christopher Willits' first commercially released CD, 'Folding and the Tea' [12k], was described as "an utterly magnificent, tender and moving record" (Chronic Art, France).

His warm, 'folded' guitar melodies suggest new directions for an interface between guitar and electronics. A gradually drifting yet loosely interlocking geometry of melodic rhythms 'Pollen', his first Fällt release, is characterised by continuous repetition and variation, emerging spontaneously from warm guitar harmonies played live, the present state of the folding software, and Willits' sensitive interaction with the processes at work.

With releases on 12k, Sub Rosa, Plop and Ghostly International, Willits's work has steadily grown in stature, gaining widespread critical acclaim. His first release on Fällt 'Pollen' - a follow up to his widely acclaimed release 'Folding, and the Tea' on 12k - is a collection of beautiful folded guitar recordings that has received widespread praise.

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