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In addition to co-running Vienna's influential Mego collective with Ramon Bauer, Pita (Peter Rehberg) records under a variety pseudonyms in a wide range of styles.

From the pulse-driven tones of 1995's 'Seven Tons For Free' - which received the Prix Ars Electronica 99 Award of Distinction for Digital Music when it was reissued by Digital Narcis in 1999 - to the epic Bond-inspired static-washes of the lap-trio Fenn'O'Berg's recent 'The Magic Sound of...'

As much curator as creator, through Mego Pita has been responsible for unleashing some of the worlds' most awkwardly compelling moments of the last decade. Pita describes his working method as "a greater interest for the process rather than the result, which then has to be processed in public thus creating another result, which…"

Fällt collaborated with Rehberg on 2000s 'invalidObject Series (break)'.

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