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Nicholas Kove joined Fällt in 2006 to assist with cataloguing and updating the archive, in particular playing an instrumental role in moving from a static site to a more efficient database driven site.

A web developer with considerable expertise he has contributed to numerous online publishers including F0F and Takete. He also runs, an online space for the development of web inspired works.

Through an imaginative use of mathematics and linguistics Kove's work primarily challenges two independent principles: the concept of post-mechanical reproduction, and the nature of the supposedly random.

Kove has contributed his considerable technical expertise to a number of Fällt's code-related works, helping to update and upgrade them. Notably collaborating with Fällt designers Fehler to create Imbecil Version 1.1, utilising the GD Library to create a more efficiently coded version of the work (delivering a considerably better quality work in less than 1% of the previous version's code).

A hacker in the truest sense of the word, his contribution to Fällt is ongoing.

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