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Based in Norway, Øivind Idsø has released works on Rune Grammofon and Beta Bodega, in addition to featuring on Ritornell's 'Maschinelle Strategeme' compilation alongside artists including Autopoieses, Taylor Deupree and Akira Rabelais.

All Music Guide state: "...textured tones clash with one another, occasionally uniting harmoniously with other sounds but most often creating juxtaposing collisions that result in piercing sounds from another world where red clouds obscure sunlight.

"Anyone fascinated by the outer reaches of tolerable music should treat this as a mandatory introduction to a daring label attempting to go where no producers have gone before - and where only the most courageous listeners may want to follow."

Idsø first collaborated with Fällt on the 'Gizmo Variations'.

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