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Andreas Berthling's work has received widespread critical acclaim and he has released works on an international spectrum of independent labels including: Mitek, Staalplaat, Microwave and Aesova.

Philip Sherburne [Needledrops, The Wire] states: "Working at the level of the bit, Sweden's Andreas Berthling scrapes together microsecond-long ticks and pings into quietly powerful shapes and rhythms. It's not all music for microscopes; the maddeningly short 'Silverlake' threads its flickering pinholes with a gossamer hum, recalling Fennesz' or Pita's tenderer moments."

Berthling first collaborated with Fällt to release 'invalidObject Series (with)' in 2000's acclaimed 'invalidObject Series'. His CD 'Mengerzeile & Grunberger' - released on Staalplaat's Material Series - was reviewed in Fällt's periodical %Array.

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