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Christophe Behrens' work has received widespread critical acclaim and he has released works on an international spectrum of independent labels including: 1,024, Aubergine and Fällt.

Behrens' work spans a variety of media encompassing audio, sound design, installation and printmaking. In 1994 he co-founded digital arts collective Fehler with Christopher Murphy and Otaku Yakuza. He has contributed to numerous projects through Fehler including: 'Absolute Failure' (Absolut Vodka); 'CB10', an online one bit exhibit at online arts organisation F0F; in addition to designing for Fällt and other independent labels.

Fällt began collaborating with Christophe Behrens in 1992 and have released numerous works by him including: 'Polymer'; the 'Compression Series', an influential visual exploration of compression algorithms as the basis for an artistic methodology; and 'CLUT' a series of works insired by computer color look up tables.

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