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A self-taught designer, Lorenz's work has formed the cornerstone of a number of influential labels' identities, her covers for Ritornell in particular winning praise for their combination of a rigorous conceptual framework with freeform ASCII.

Her work has featured in Eye Magazine, 'Sampler 3' and 'CD Packaging - Innovation in CD Design'. She was also a member of the 2005 D&AD Graphic Design judging panel.

Fällt began collaborating with Lorenz in 2000. Her involvement is largely design/concept-orientated - including contributing heavily to the conceptual framework of the 'invalidObject Series' design.

On completion of the 'invalidObject Series' Lorenz's role expanded to that of a contributing editor. Projects she has assisted with and has contributed to include '35 mm | Design in Miniature', 'Invisible Cities' and the 'Ferric' series.

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