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Bill Selman's work as Warmdesk seems to have a bipolar fixation with the unruly sounds of commonplace objects and the constrained 4/4 rhythms of the dancefloor. Take for example his recent contribution to the Tu m' project: scattering clicks, clanks and scrapes teased from an acoustic guitar unexpectedly give way to a thumping dub house workout.

Consider also the two (live) tracks on this, his second release for Fällt (the second release in the Fällt live series). Here again 'found sounds' have been fashioned into percussive loops and these in turn are undergirded by a firm dancefloor-friendly thump, thump, thump, thump. The effect is hypnotic - a motoric glide - in which metal on metal mechanical is grafted to melodious swells like the wash of waves lapping on a shore.

Although Selman is clearly influenced by dub he doesn't overplay it. Firmly in the tradition of its practitioners though he has an intuitive feel for rhythm and sound, in particular allowing unexpected rhythms to float to the surface - the result of chance juxtopositions captured and looped.

So, download the tracks (www.tu-m.com, www.aposteriori.org) and seek out this AB-CD. Expect also an imminent full length on Deluxe Records and a 12" soon on Selman's own A Posteriori label.


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