Steve Roden | Resonant Cities

Trente Oiseaux | CD

"'Resonant Cities' was made entirely from field recordings in different cities around the world. It was originally created for the Kunst Radio project 'Frequencity', curated by Steve Bates."

Steve Roden

Roden is credited with coining the term 'lowercase sound' and when one listens to his work one can see why. His carefully constructed pieces bear all the hallmarks of the gentle precision of a sculptor working a base material – in this case sound – into an object of often startling beauty.

'Resonant Cities' is no exception. A single piece which evolves over forty-nine gently growing minutes, it weaves together a tapestry of textures culled from the world's cities. Roden scoured his "library of field recordings for material for (the) project" before fabricating a mesmerising series of intertwined soundscapes to create what in essence appears to be the archetypal city, a steady stream of drones and careful field recordings.

From a diverse series of sources ranging from a 'fish seller in Kobe' to a 'radiator in a hotel room in Berlin' Roden forms a portrait not of one specific city, but of an idealised city, an imagined location rich and resonant. His captivating passages paint a picture of his extensive travels - a sonic postcard which leaves the listener eager for more.


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