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Tape is a trio consisting of Andreas Berthling, his brother Johan Berthling, and Tomas Hallonsten. While Andreas Berthling is known for his work in the fields of digital music with releases on Microwave, Mitek and as a contributor to Fällt's 'invalidObject Series' the two other Tape members are more at home in a jazz context.

Using a wide array of instruments like guitars, computer, harmonium, melodica, field recordings, percussion, harmonica, zither, piano, accordion, soprano sax and trumpet, Tape's music lives at the intersection of a 21st century chamber music and an imaginary folklore.

I write this on a train from Weimar to Berlin (the distance to my girls at home is growing bigger and this always makes me feel a little melancholic), riding through the marvellous green and sun-flooded Mark-Brandenburg countryside. Slowly passing by vast yellow rape fields and ancient, abandoned factories, the music on my headphones seems to fit almost too perfectly.

The sun and nature are certainly core ingredients of 'Opera' and its slowly floating melodies carry the spirit of travel, not on an aircraft, but submerged in a landscape instead. 'Opera' is a wonderful release with some extra stand-outs like the quiet 'Feeler' and the hymnic 'Radiolaria'.


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