Un Caddie Renverse dans l'Herbe | Now There's a Weird Taste in My Mouth

Dekorder | 3

"A Shona mbira piece consists of a basic cyclical pattern which includes numerous intertwined melodies, often with contrasting rhythms. The extensive possibilities for rhythmic and melodic variation render each performance unique. When two mbiras are played together, the interlocking parts result in rich polyphony and polyrhythms."


Un Caddie Renverse dans l'Herbe is one Didac P. Lagarriga, a South American born musician and writer from Barcelona. His second release 'Now There's a Weird Taste in My Mouth' - a tiny gem of 3" aluminium - presents six sparkling tracks clocking in at a fraction over 20 minutes, but what a twenty minutes…

Opening with a sprinkling of chimes, Lagarriga builds a slow montage of tones, a neat homage to simple instrumentation which he closely follows by the spliced piano of 'A Warm Fistful of Silk', an evocative title that neatly summarises the contradictory sounds he marries.

Lagarriga's unusual instrumentation - African instruments including the balaphon, mbira and kalimba juxtaposed with software, piano, cello, guitar and samples - lend this release a distinctive flavour, further underlined by his metronomic arrangements. Mesmeric loops shift in and out of phase, interlocking to create hypnotising patterns.

After an all-too-short, yet tantalising twenty minutes, one looks forward to Lagarriga's follow up 'Like a packed cupboard but quite…' due on Dekorder in early 2004.


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