Arne Nordheim | Dodeka

Rune Grammofon | CD

Rune Grammofon celebrates its 30th release with a collection of 12 previously unreleased pieces by Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim. In the early 60s Nordheim's name became established internationally as Norway's leading composer of modernist chamber music. Later he began to experiment with pre-recorded tapes of various lengths which, played simultaneously, resulted in ever-varying pieces - a method, which he called the 'infinity technique'.

'Dodeka' - a set of short and purely electronic compositions created between 1967 and 1972 - does not instantly evoke the impression of hearing something entirely new from this era, nevertheless the 12 pieces do have a personal sound aesthetic and strongly bare Nordheim's sense of infinity.

Though not directly linked with each other, they sound like a suite of variations based on a crystalline theme; dream-like layers of airy sounds and earthy low-end rumbles which succeed in carrying the listener into their own world, like watching a curtain of pure light moving slowly in the wind.

And if, after all, 'Dodeka' coaxes a girl into your room to ask what's playing, well... it's definitely worth listening to again and again.


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