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Last week, in the midst of clearing an old hard drive, I fell across a small video by Lucky Kitchen's Alejandra and Aeron. The video (dated 1999 - according to my possibly inaccurate laptop) showed just what it is that marks the duo and their "damn fine" label out.

In it, they're seen hand-stitching packaging for one of their early releases. The attention they evidently pay to every last stitch ensures that their work features a lovingly hand-crafted and honest quality. Each and every CD is touched by 'the hand of the maker', each is an 'original'.

This short video, a mere 160 x 200 pixels, sums up Alejandra and Aeron's unswerving approach: honest and unfussy. The materials they use lie freely to hand - everyday objects and sounds that we more often than not fail to notice. They get on and make do with what's available and, with a touch of creativity, create wonderful releases in the process.

Like millennial alchemists they turn the base metal of everyday life into tiny fragments of sparkling gold.

'Bousha Blue Blazes' is no different. The Bousha in question is apparently Aeron's mother, a wise old voice who's teeming cadences cascade throughout the CD. The rest is pure Alejandra and Aeron magic: the elegance of everday fragments, rescued and presented in pristine and captivating clarity. Enough said.


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