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"I really think it is possible that our grandchildren will look at us in wonder and say: 'you mean you used to listen to exactly the same thing over and over again?'"

Brian Eno, 1996

Pixels shimmer, cascade and dissolve in full alpha channel glory in Dextro's first physical release. Subtitled '>110 Animations, Semi-Automatic' Dextro's 'A / Turux-B' compiles work created between 1995 and 2003 in a retrospective that celebrates the best aspects of emerging digital arts: availability, accessibility and - most importantly - affordability.

Featuring 110 animations, 1,800 images and several movies 'A / Turux-B' is a work of (digital) art that anyone can afford and appreciate. Truly rewarding repeated exploration, it offers a glimpse of what Brian Eno once referred to as the open-ended future of "generative music".

As systems within which the user interacts, albeit within pre-defined constraints, Dextro's compositional frameworks are seldom equalled. A pixel-perfect menu system that, once unravelled, operates with elegant simplicity offers the key to unlocking a truly limitless set of possibilities - and once inside those possibilities it's hard to escape.

There's no question that Dextro are mapping the outer margins of software's possible futures. One can only look forward to the rest of the world catching up.


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