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Email Periodical | F.0015.0013

Each issue we ask one of our contributors to share their current playlist with us. This issue we're grateful to recent Fällt collaborator Tonne.

  • Frank Sinatra | A Fine Romance [Warner Music Group, 2CD]
  • Steve Reich | City Life, Proverb [Nonesuch, CD]
  • Various Artists | Mitek: Process [Mitek, CD]
  • Bonnie Prince Billy | Master and Everyone [Domino, CD]
  • Deadbeat | Wild Life Documentaries [~scape, CD]
  • Kandis | Airflow [Karaoke Kalk, LP]
  • Maurizio | M-Series [Basic Channel, CD]
  • Mark Burgess and the Sons of God | Zima Junction [Imaginary, LP]
  • Various Artists | Advanced Public Listening 01 [Laboratory Instinct, CD]
  • Jan Jelinek | Loop Finding Jazz Records [~scape, CD]

For the memory of my father - 1911-2004

  • Frank Sinatra | You My Love [Complete Capitol Singles Collection, 4CD]

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