Stephan Mathieu | Playlist

Email Periodical | F.0015.0002

Each issue we ask one of our contributors to share their current playlist with us. This month we are grateful to Saarbruecken-based musician Stephan Mathieu for his contribution.

  • Walter Marchetti | Nei Mari Del Sud [Alga Marghen, CD]
  • Oval | OvalProcess [Form and Function, LP]
  • Geeez'N'Gosh | My Life With Jesus [Mille Plateaux, CD]
  • Akira Rabelais | Eisoptrophobia [Unreleased, MP3]
  • Isang Yun | Isang Yun [Col Legno, CD]
  • Will Oldham| Ode Music [Drag City, CD]
  • Francisco Lopez | Untitled #92 [Mego, CD]
  • Christophe Charles | Undirected/Dok [Ritornell, CD+]
  • Autopoieses | La Vie Á Noir [Mille Plateaux, CD]
  • Brian Wilson | I Just Wasn't Made for These Times [MCA, CD]

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