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'35 mm » Design in Miniature' first featured at Sheffield's LoveBytes Festival in March 2001 and in May 2001 showed alongside a work by Gillian Wearing (1997 Turner Prize winner) at Catalyst Arts in Belfast as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.

Since being commissioned it has exhibitied worldwide at numerous fesitivals including: MUTEK (Montreal); Sintesi Electronic Arts Festival (Naples); iDEAL (Gothenburg); and Up Close, St. James Cavalier (Malta).

Drawing together work by eight designers/collectives working for a variety of small, independent labels, '35 mm' showcases some of the music industry's most creative, if overlooked, design today. Working largely within the field of electronica/.microsound/new music the designers included have generated an exciting and vibrant body of work which is often characterised by a network of loose collaborations. '35 mm' is curated by Fällt designers Fehler and includes the work of Tina Frank, Alorenz, Fehler, Taylor Deupree, SND, Richard Chartier, Qubo Gas and Pfadfinderei.

In its hardware format, '35 mm' consists of a travelling exhibition in miniature, featuring forty-eight 35 mm transparencies and handheld slide viewers housed in two aluminium photographic briefcases with built-in lightboxes. Intended from the outset as a low-maintenance yet high-impact exhibit, '35 mm' can literally be opened up and displayed with minimal external requirements.

Fällt are grateful to Angela Lorenz for her invaluable assistance in creating the online/software format of '35 mm » Design in Miniature'. '35 mm » Design in Miniature' is available to exhibit at cost, please contact us for exhibit details and requirements.

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